Our Services

We built our company with agribusiness at the heart of what we do, because we come from a 100 year old farm family ourselves.


We don't build science projects that don't go anywhere useful. Our objective is to get your data to work for you in a measurable way that impacts your bottom line.


We know how important your data is to you, and how important it is to make it work for your business. We're using these same tools and services every day in our operations and we know the impact data can have when it's working for your company. 

Data Engineering

Whether it's building a data warehouse, setting up ETL pipelines, or moving your systems into the cloud, we can handle any data infrastructure issue your company has.

Business INtelligence

We work with several BI platforms, including PowerBI & Tableau, and can help you build data analysis and reporting that can work across your entire operation.

Data Strategy & Training

We can help you map out a roadmap for getting data driven, and help provide the training and tools to your team to better enable and equip your existing team to build, and maintain your data ecosystem. 

Data SCIENCE & Machine learning

Forecasting and modeling is the new frontier when it comes to data analysis, and we can help build tools with your data th

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