Why Loftus Labs?

We are an analytics company that specializes in agriculture and agribusiness. We are founded on four core principles:

1. Every agribusiness needs data analysis in the form of decision tools that have become standard in other industries.

2. These tools should be customized to specific agricultural needs by subject matter experts.

3. Analytic capabilities should be within reach without the need to invest in an entire team of data specialists.

4. You should never have to listen to jargon in consulting pitches about technology you don’t need.



We use a shared cost model. 

Our agribusiness customers have the ability to benefit by utilizing a single, dedicated analytics team without the costly burden of hiring an entire team for a variable set of needs throughout the year.

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Hiring A full time data team yourself isn't cost effective.

Hiring, training and retaining expertise across the entire data value chain is difficult and expensive.

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We provide balanced support.

Our staffing and project model scales up when you need it, and scales down when your priorities shift.

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